I have always wanted to visit an allergist to figure out what exactly was triggering my skin reactions. I finally did with Dr. Luo. I learned I was allergic to every tree known to man. And that I’ve probably been breathing through swollen nostrils for the past 20+ years. Luckily Dr. Luo pointed this out and prescribed a nasal spray which has changed the way I breathe. He also prescribed a non-steroidal cream for my face (I have eczema 🙁 which finally erased the rashes I’ve been enduring for about 2 weeks. Even my dermatologist couldn’t prescribe me anything that worked but Dr. Luo did. Since the first appointment, I have seen him twice for followups and I am only feeling better and better. Wait time is non-existent (though this may change) and Dr. Luo’s bedside manner is wonderful. Very caring and attentive. Highly recommended! Thank you Dr. Luo!