Allergy and Immunology

We help you regain a healthy life with freedom without allergy

Allergies not only seriously affect the quality of life, but may even be life-threatening. Through advanced allergy testing, we can accurately identify allergy triggers.

With our extensive clinical experience in the treatment of allergic diseases, we customize personalized treatment plans. Armed with more clinically effective treatment technologies such as medication therapy, allergen immunotherapy and biologic immunotherapy, we help patients resolve their allergies, promote their immunity and regain a healthy life with freedom.

Problem We Treat

Are you still suffering from these allergies and weakened immunity every day?

Pollen allergies Dust allergies Pet allergies Food allergies Medication allergies Skin eczema Skin hives Metal allergies Cosmetic product allergies Asthma Chronic cough Anaphylactic shock Weakened immune system

Our Service

Our Promise

Safe, clinically proven effective solution for long-term relief

Convenient treatment options, flexible treatment schedules

Significant allergy relief and buildup of immunity within 1 to 2 years

Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Yong Luo has been great so far and has helped me figure out all my allergies and the right treatments to make them better. Thanks to him the allergy therapy he recommended will allow me to be near my cat without heavy allergies. Everyone at the office is attentive, understanding and very nice.”Maria P

Nov 12, 2020

“Very intelligent. Very relatable. Dr. Luo understands the severity of a life threatening allergy and gave my some very great insight on how to avoid the allergy!!! Great Doctor!”Noah W

Aug 04, 2017

“The checkin process was seamless and quick. Everything seems to be done digitally with respect to patient records and payment. Dr. Luo and his staff had excellent bedside manners and were extremely thorough in their questions and assessments. I had an allergy skin test completed within 15 minutes (I thought I would have to wait 48-72 hours for the results but it was all done in-office during the appt). Would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Luo!”Sarah S

Sep 17, 2016